Candlelight Set for Two

Candlelight Set for Two

A private sonic experience at The Stable
For two people only: Come listen to a vinyl music set tailored to you, with the ambiance of a candle and an immersive audio experience to fill your senses.
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Inspired by the Candlelight IG live series I've been putting out during the pandemic, I would like to extend this as a personalized immersive experience. 
Two separate couches each with their own separate set of speakers to submerge you into your own audio bubble. Bring your own beverages and snacks to the studio at The Stable for a private show. For the most enjoyable listening we suggest to pick one or a mixture of these 4 main categories: Ethiopian Jazz, Rural American Folk, Psych Rock Dirges, Sweet Soul. 

We do adhere to strict Covid safety protocols so please inquire and accept terms before setting a date.

Covid Precautions are as follows:

All persons will be wearing masks. 

For the first 30-50 min, guests are allowed to unmask while enjoying their home-brought beverages and snacks in the studio. Music will be playing but Cut Chemist will not be in studio during this time. After drinks/snacks have been enjoyed, all participants must be masked during candlelight set performance. We appreciate your cooperation with these protocols and look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Please email to confirm a date and preferred music genre

Location of the studio at The Stable is Glendale, California