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    Born Lucas Macfadden in Hollywood, CA

    Cut Chemist has been recording and performing for nearly 30 years. Known as a turntablist, he started his journey into djing at age 11. By the time he was 14 year old, Cut started recording with his friends (including Chali 2na of Jurassic 5) in an inclosed sun patio that his dad converted into a small make-shift recording studio. By age 21, Cut was a founding member of both the rap group Jurassic 5 and the Grammy award winning Latin funk outfit, Ozomatli. His involvement with both groups helped develop a taste for music and rhythms from around the world while keeping his passion for the hip hop tradition. His mix-tapes and remixes became critically acclaimed. His ‘Chemist’ moniker was fully realized with his instrumental, Lesson 6: The Lecture. In the years following, Cut started a series of mix cds with DJ Shadow using all 45s. Brainfreeze, Product Placement and The Hard Sell, the last of which debuted and headlined at the world famous Hollywood Bowl.

    Cut’s solo album journey would begin with The Audience is Listening which was released on Warner Bros in 2006. Following his major label stint, he decided to create his own boutique label that would allow him more freedom. Sound Of The Police, Funk Off Mega Mix & his sophomore solo album, Die Cut were his most notable releases. Although these albums may sound very different from one another, they all have a single thing that ties them together - Cut Chemist pushes boundaries on all of them, testing our musical palates while introducing us to obscure musical finds.

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    TheAudience's Following - DIGITAL
    TheAudience's Following - DIGITAL
    "The Audience's Following" is a 10 year anniversary fan club edition version of "The Audience's Listening."
    I like to call this the bizzaro version follow up to 'Audience' as it features songs that never made the cut and demo versions of songs that did. There are also b-sides from vinyl singles plus a special mix of the original song sampled for "What's The Altitude" by Curtis Knight.
    Have fun listening to the album that was almost released 15 years ago.
    Happy 7/11 everyone! Slurp slurp!
    released July 11, 2016
    Coming soon
    The highly anticipated follow up to the Audience's Listening produced entirely by Cut Chemist featuring Biz Markie, Edan, Mr. Lif, Deantoni Parks, Myka 9 and more!

    Vinyl also available, see shop.
    Coming soon
    Sound of the Police - DIGITAL
    Sound of the Police - DIGITAL
    Different than the traditional mix CD using two turntables, this exclusive offering was created live using only one turntable, a mixer, a loop pedal and all original vinyl pressings. CUT thought when performing this mix live it would challenge the contemporary DJ as well as himself. The music chosen for this mix goes quite a bit deeper into the crate than his other contributions. Driven by his passion for Ethiopian, Colombian, Sudanese and Afro-Brazilian sounds, this mix also features a few classic tunes you might recognize.
    Coming soon
    Funk Off Megamix Vinyl LP - LIMITED 1000
    Funk Off Megamix Vinyl LP - LIMITED 1000
    A mix of French Synth and Drum Machine based music from cassettes and records remixed into a seamless dance party the only way Cut Chemist knows how. FUNK OFF MEGAMIX has been pressed to a limited run of only 1,000 vinyl copies with a specially designed foil and embossed jacket.
    Coming soon
    Funk Off Megamix - DIGITAL
    Funk Off Megamix - DIGITAL
    A mix of French Synth and Drum Machine based music from cassettes and records remixed into a seamless dance party the only way Cut Chemist knows how.


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    Coming soon
    Rap LP
    Rap LP
    Lord Finesse The Awakening (1995). Third release from Lord Finesse. Double LP includes both vocal and instrumental versions of each song. Condition M-/M-still in shrink Rare!
    Coming soon
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    Album Videos

    The visual representation of the music

    Dive into the video representation of the songs. Most are as abstract as the music itself, allowing the viewer to be submerged in an obscure audio-visual ambiance that you will either love or hate. Either way, it makes an impression.

    Quarantine Candlelight Series

    Late night listening sessions

    Sit back with a glass of whiskey and take a cerebral journey through music. Cut Chemist strips things down to just two candles & a turntable; playing a selection of songs from vintage vinyl that tell a story. Psychedelic, Jazz, Ethiopian are just a few of the musical themes he plugs into in these late night sessions that can be found on IG live.

    Live Performances

    Moments you may have missed...

    From vintage footage at backyard parties in 1991, to the 2009 performance with the Seattle Symphony, to practicing the "Jazz is Dead" set that was performed right before the pandemic, these snippets offer insight to the varied musical journey Cut Chemist has taken.

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